OMA otoñal en el barbican

Se ha hecho oficial, en octubre se abre una gran eposicion en el Barbican Center de Londres llamada OMA/Progress. Comisariada por el colectivo belga ROTOR (sí de los que te hablamos acerca del interesantísimo pabellón holandes de la bienal de venecia).

«This exhibition will be the first time OMA’s work has been shown in depth in the UK. We have chosen to surrender to the forensic abilities of Rotor in order to produce a new translation and consideration of what we (try to) do in architecture and beyond it. We are excited to use the unique spaces of Barbican Art Gallery to reflect the extreme diversity of OMA’s work – in building, researching, writing, and a host of other pursuits that are at the same time intricately connected and apparently random…» Rem Koolhaas

OMA – Barbican Announces Major Oma Exhibition This October