BIG U, seleccionada entre las propuestas ganadoras de Rebuild by Design


El concurso Rebuild by design, ha seleccionado a los 6 proyectos que se dividirán los fondos que el departamento de Housing and urban development de Estados Unidos ha asignado a soluciones para “intensely weather events” o_O

Entre las ganadoras está la propuesta de BIG y Dutch One Architecture que proponen una transformación sistemática del borde de la parte baja de Manhattan.

“The Big U is an example of what we call Social Infrastructure. The High Line shows how a decommissioned piece of infrastructure – the abandoned elevated railway – can be transformed into a public space and green landscape. We asked ourselves: What if we could envision the resilience infrastructure for Lower Manhattan in a way that wouldn’t be like a wall between the city and the water, but rather a string of pearls of social and environmental amenities tailored to their specific neighborhoods, which also happens to shield their hinterlands from flooding. The Big U will not only make the waterfront more resilient but also more accessible and inviting to the citizens around it.” Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner, BIG.

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01_The Big U.JPG image002.jpg 04_The Bridging Berm Ramping Connections.jpg 01_The Big U.JPG 01_The Big U.JPG 02_The Big U.JPG 04_The Bridging Berm Ramping Connections.jpg 06_The BIG Bench Daily Recreation.jpg 05_The Bridging Berm Harbor Bath.jpg 06_The BIG Bench Daily Recreation.jpg 05_The Bridging Berm Harbor Bath.jpg 011_Harbor Berm at Night.jpg 010_The Bridging Berm Long Term Vision.jpg 08_Overlooking harbor.jpg 07_The Reverse Aquarium.jpg 09_Overlooking Harbor.jpg