22 escaleras molonas

Esa famosa web de productividad llamada Boredpanda, nos trae esta lista de las 22 escaleras más originales de la red.





Hanging Stairs

Designed by: Arquitectura en Movimiento

Understairs Space

Designed by: Deriba Furniture

Tree Stairs

Designed by: unknown

Tree Banister

Designed by: Architetture del Ferro

Timber Stripe Staircase

Designed by: Tetrarc

Vivid Staircase

Designed by: Hanne Fuglbjerg

Staircase In Northampton

Designed by: Philip Watts

Bookcase Staircase

Designed by: Levitate Architects

Flower Petal Staircase

Designed by: Patrick Jouin

Otherworldly Stairs

Designed by: Vincent Dubourg

Spiral Slide Staircase

Designed by: unknown

Lace Staircase

Designed by: Dust

Sloping Stairs

Designed by: TAF arkitektkontor

Flat F.M. Stairs

Designed by: ecole

La Maison Unique Stairs

Designed by: Heatherwick studio

Steep Stairs

Designed by: unknown

Staircase Slide Combo

Designed by: Alex Michaelis

Space-Saving Stairs

Designed by: unknown

Sensualscaping Stairs

Designed by: Atmos Studio

Workplace Stair Unit

Designed by: Studio Mieke Meijer

Metal Staircase

Designed by: Francesco Librizzi

Library Slider Stairs

Designed by: Moon Hoon




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