Los 5 trabajos más sobrevalorados.

Quizá no te sorprenda que acompañando a los Chefs, Banqueros junior, Escritores de viajes y Don Drapers, el de arquitecto sea uno de los trabajos con una imagen pública que no se corresponde con la realidad.

Aquí el listado de The Telegraph

4. Architect
Here the public image defined by stars such as Richard Rogers and Zaha Hadid runs headlong into the reality of scrabbling around to design kitchen extensions for an average salary of £40,000 a year. Add in a tough competition (lots of people want to do it) and work which is incredibly sensitive to the smallest economic hiccough and you have a toxic mix. However, what makes architecture truly special is it takes seven years to qualify. That’s right: as long as it takes to be a doctor and all for a salary that would be unremarkable in local government. So become an engineer instead. It’s true you won’t be get to spend your time sketching never-to-be-constructed buildings, but people will pay you money. In fact, they may even pay for you to do an engineering degree.