The Real and other Fictions

El video-catálogo para la exposición «The Real and Other Fictions” comisariado por Mariana Pestana será estrenado en el Festival Arquitecturas Film Festival, de Lisboa, eeste 4 de Octubre. La exposición formó parte de Close, closer, la III Trienal de Lisboa.

«The building where we find ourselves in has had diverse uses and programmes through the course of its history. From residence to embassy, it hosted numerous events and situations. Departing from historical facts, the interventions present here construct ideological fictions materialized in real spaces and programmes to be used by the public. For the first time agglomerated in synchrony, the past uses, now re-enacted, re-imagined, are juxtaposed.»

Forum Lisboa, 04th of October, 19h45
CMira el website para ver todo el programa. Después del estreno el
filme completo se podrá ver en

Te dejo con el trailer


The Real And Other Fictions – Trailer
Directed by Pedro Lino | Direction of Photography by Marta Simões | Edited by Luis Henriques |
Sound Design by Pedro Lino | Exhibition Curated by Mariana Pestana for «Close, Closer» the III Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2013 | Shot at Palacio Pombal/Carpe Diem, Lisbon, on September 2013.