la mejor arquitectura de burning man 2016

Una selección de construcciones e instalaciones en el festival más loco del desierto de Black Rock en Nevada.


😉 Cris!






Shark Car

God Phone Booth

The Black Rock Lighthouse Service by Jonny and Max Poynton

Michael Christian’s Ovoid

The Temple by David Best and The Temple Crew



Flame Octopus

The Space Whale by The Pier Group with Matthew Schultz, Android Jones and Andy Tibbetts

Cat Car

Grove by Grove


Tea Pots

Renaiximent (Renaissance) by Pink Intruder

Da Vinci’s Head

Pulse Portal by Davis McCarty

Heart of Gold by HYBYCOZO

The Sonic Runway

A Landshark

Lord Snort by Bryan Tedrick

And a Big Bird

A Trippy Windmill


The Man

DaVinci Virus by Brennan Steele

Tangential Dreams by Arthur Mamou-Mani

A Mad Max-style Thunderdome

Fiery Beating Heart


Awakening by Ryan Elmendorf and Nick Geurts