LA AA busca director [Pippo, Eva o Robert?]


Después de una encuaesta que hicieron a toda la comunidad  con 73 respuestas para el puesto, se realizao una lista inicial de 26 candidatos de los cuales 15 hicieron una primera entrevista y 8 la segunda (en esta eran 4 hombre y 4 mujeres) hasta que se redujo la lista a los 3 finalistas:

Pippo Ciorra, Comisario principal del MAXXI de Roma, Arquitecto Crítico y Profesor
Eva Franch I Gilabert, Comisaria Jefe y directora de Storefront en NYC, Arquitecta, comisaría y educadora
Robert Mull, Jefe de Arquictectura y Diseño de la universidad de Brightn, Arquitecto, Educador, Urbanista y Activista

Abajo te pongo los CV´s mas largos de cada uno.

Y además puedes ver en este documento la vision de cada uno de los candidatos.

La Proxima semana el 20,21 y 22 de Febrero cada uno de los candidatos mantendrá una intensa jornada con diversos miembros de la comunidad, así coo una conferencia y Q&A abierta. 


10:00 – 10:45 Tour of school, with Search Committee
10:45 – 11:15 Breakfast with Council and Interim Head: Front Members Room
11:30 – 12:00 Co ee with SMT: Front Members Room
12:00 – 12:45 Lunch / candidate preparation time
13:00 – 14:30 Candidate presentation and Q&A session (moderated by Search Comm): Lecture Hall, over ow to Barrel Vault and Canteen
14:30 – 15:30 Meet the students, facilitated by Student Forum: Lecture Hall
16:00 – 17:00 Meet academic sta (moderated by Search Comm): Lecture Hall
17:00 – 18:00 Meet admin sta (moderated by Search Comm): Lecture Hall

Toca el turno ahora a la comunidad de la Architectural Association, Profesores, estudiantes, Staff y Asociados votar para saber quien será quien dirige la legendaria escuela. Las elecciones serán de forma electronica y física, del 26 de Febrero hasta el 2 de Marzo y en caso de no tener mayoría absoluta se irá a una segunda vuelta del 2 al 9 de Marzo.


Pippo Ciorra is an architect, critic and professor, who has served as a member of the editorial board of Casabella from 1996 to 2012. He collaborates with journals, reviews and national press and is author of many essays and publications.
Since 2017, Pippo is founder and chief editor of the scholarly publication Villard Journal published by Quodlibet and supported by the PhD school of IUAV. In 2011 he has published an overview of the conditions of architecture in Italy, Senza architettura, le ragioni per
una crisi (Laterza) and has published monographic studies on Ludovico Quaroni (Electa, 1989), Peter Eisenman (Electa, 1993), and then essays on museums, city, photography and contemporary Italian architecture.
Pippo teaches design and theory at SAAD (University of Camerino) and is the director of the international PhD program ‘Villard d’Honnecourt’ (IUAV). He’s been visiting professor at the school of architecture of IUAV, Ohio State University and Cornell University. He’s a member of CICA (International Committee of Architectural Critics), advisor for the award ‘Gold Medal of the Italian architecture’ and former advisor for the Mies van der Rohe prize for architecture. He’s been chairing or participating on juries for national and international competitions in the eld of architecture, art and design.
After a rst participation to the 1982 Biennale of Architecture, he was curator for the Corderie in the 5th Biennale di Architettura di Venezia and involved as curator in many other editions. In 2016 was part of then jury for the XV Architecture Biennale in Venice. He has curated
and designed exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Since 2009, he is Senior Curator of MAXXI Architettura in Rome. Among his major exhibitions on contemporary architecture, Re-cycle, Energy, Erasmus E ect, Food.
In 2016 he co-curated the exhibition The Japanese House: Architecture and Life After 1945, which was exhibited at MAXXI, The Barbican in London and the MOMAT museum in Tokyo. Piccole Utopie is a traveling show on ten Italian architects. He curates the Italian branch of YAP, the MoMA PS1 international programme for young architects and the annual festival Demanio Marittimo km.278, a project that brings together 70/80 guests and large attendance every year on an Adriatic beach for a night-long marathon in a space designed by students.


Eva Franch is an architect, curator, educator and lecturer of experimental forms of art and architectural practice, who specialises in the making of alternative architecture histories and futures.
Since 2010, Franch is the Chief Curator and Executive Director of Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York. In 2014, Franch, with the project O ceUS, an experimental o ce for the production of history, ideas and work, was selected by the US State Department to represent the US at the XIV Venice Architecture Biennale. Franch is currently professor at The Cooper Union School of Architecture.
Franch has taught at Columbia University GSAPP, the IUAV University of Venice, SUNY Bu alo, and Rice University SOA. In 2004, she founded her solo practice OOAA (O ce of Architectural A airs). She has received numerous awards, and her work has been exhibited internationally including FAD Barcelona, the Venice Architecture Biennale, and the Shen-zen Architecture Biennale, among others. She has curated national and international projects including OUT, the 2014 Arquia Proxima biennial competition and Borders, the 2011 Think Space concept competition programme.
At Storefront, some of her recent projects include Architecture Con icts, Letters to the Mayor, World Wide Storefront, the Competition of Competitions, Storefront TV , the Storefront International Series, and the publication series Manifesto. Exhibitions include Sharing Models; Measure; POP: Protocols, Obsessions, Positions; Aesthetics-Anesthetics; Past Futures, Present, Futures; No Shame: Storefront for Sale; and Being. Her latest initiative, the New York Architecture Book Fair, will be presented in 2018.
Franch has lectured internationally on art, architecture, and the importance of alternative practices in the construction and understanding of public life at more than fty educational and cultural institutions around the globe. Franch has been a member of international juries and nominating and advisory boards including the Hong Kong Design Trust, Ideas City, +Pool and the YAP PS1-MoMA in New York. Franch’s work has appeared in the form of articles
or interviews in journals, newspapers and publications worldwide. Recent publications by Franch include Agenda (2014), Atlas (2015) and Manual (2017) published by Lars Muller as part of O ceUS. Upcoming publications include The Book of Architecture Books and Letters to the Mayor.


Robert Mull was a student at the AA, was a member of NATO (Narrative Architecture Today) and taught at the AA rst in the Intermediate School and then in Diploma Unit 10 until 1999. In 2000 he became head of the then UNL School of Architecture and in 2010 led the bringing together of two faculties to form The Cass (Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design) known a ectionately as the ‘Aldgate Bauhaus’ where he was both Dean and Director of Architecture and founding tutor to the Free Unit until 2016.
Robert has taught widely, holding visiting professorships in Vienna and Innsbruck. In 2012 he co-founded the Moscow School of Architecture (MARCH) where he is honorary Professor. He has also helped architecture schools to evolve and reform: in Seoul, Africa and Sweden and now in the Ukraine and Brighton.
After the Cass, Robert was appointed as Professor of Architecture and Design and Head of School at the University of Brighton and as the Director of Innovation at London-based urban design practice Publica. He is also currently visiting Professor at Umeå University, Sweden
In May 2016, Robert co-curated the AF’s ‘Papers’ festival at the Barbican Centre documenting the art, culture and architecture of the refugee crises and also curated two exhibitions about the Calais Jungle in the foyer of the Royal Festival Hall. Robert was co- curator of the ‘Rip it Up and Start Again’ series and helped initiate the ‘Turncoats’ and ‘Twins’ debates. Recently Robert has collaborated with Alexander Brodsky for Drawing Matter’s ‘Sheds’ at Hauser and Wirth, Somerset and has co-curated the ‘Art as Labour’ programme at Nikola Lenivets outside Moscow.
Robert is a trustee of the Architecture Foundation and of the London School of Architecture; he is a former member of AA Council and former head of the body representing UK schools of architecture. He is an active researcher and has overseen research with a particular emphasis on design and practice as research and has judged many research and design awards.
Robert is currently running the Global Free Unit with international educational, NGO and institutional partners focusing on live projects within the refugee crisis and disadvantaged communities and other institutions such as prisons, schools and arts organisations. Last week saw the launch of the new union supporting architecture workers and students of which Robert is a co-founder.