Cristina Veríssimo y Diogo Burnay Comisarios Triennal de Lisboa 2022

The Lisbon Architecture Triennale announces Cristina Veríssimo and Diogo Burnay as the chief curators of its 6th edition, to be held in the fall of 2022. The choice of the curatorial team three years in advance has become an established practice of Lisbon Triennale, which allows for an extended reflection around the themes the curators will explore during the event.

Cristina Veríssimo (b.1964, Porto, Portugal) and Diogo Burnay (b.1965, Oeiras, Portugal) founded their architectural studio CVDB in 1999. The studio has earned several international awards for projects developed in varied global contexts. Combining architectural practice with teaching and research, they are frequent lecturers in Portugal and abroad. Cristina Veríssimo earned her Master in Architecture at Harvard University and has taught in countries such as Hong Kong, Argentina, Chile, United States and Canada. Diogo Burnay holds a master’s by Bartlett School of Architecture and is now associated professor and director of the School of Architecture at Dalhousie University in Canada.

For each edition, the Lisbon Triennale’s board alternates the selection of curators between open calls and direct invitations. For Lisbon Triennale 2022, the curatorial duo was selected based on several key principles, as José Mateus (Chairman of Lisbon Triennale) explains: «For the 6th edition, Cristina and Diogo were chosen not only due to their human qualities, which is always a fundamental criterion, but also due to their exceptional experience in all aspects of the discipline, covering education, academic and professional activities in Portugal and abroad, always working in particularly demanding contexts. This team of curators ensures a high-level 6th edition that continues and expands the role of Triennale as a growing international event».

This announcement arrives in the upshot of Triennale 2019, The Poetics of Reason, that numbered more than 80.000 visits so far. Agriculture and Architecture: Taking the Country’s Side exhibition (one out of five main shows) is still running until 16 February.

About Lisbon Architecture Triennale
The Lisbon Architecture Triennale is a non-profit association founded in May 2007. Its mission is to examine, foster and promote architectural thinking and practice. It holds a major forum every three years for the debate, discussion and dissemination of architecture across geographic and disciplinary boundaries.

2019: The Poetics of Reason – Chief curator Éric Lapierre
2016: The Form of Form – Chief curators André Tavares & Diogo Seixas Lopes

2013: Close, Closer – Chief curator Beatrice Galilee
2010: Let´s Talk About Houses – Chief curator Delfim Sardo

2007: Urban Voids – Chief curator José Mateus

In addition to the main event, the Triennale also organizes conference cycles, which have brought to Lisbon notable names in the world of architecture. The upcoming cycle of conferences (2020-2022) is entitled Common Field. Furthermore, Triennale is also part of the Open House Worlwide and responsible for the Open House Lisboa since 2012, an event that opens the doors of the best architecture in the city for one weekend per year. Also, in 2015 the Triennale brought Open House event to Porto, together with Casa da Arquitectura. In its headquarters, at Sinel de Cordes Palace, Lisbon Architecture Triennale organizes and hosts a range of other events, which form the palace’s cultural programming. Full member of the Future Architecture Platform since its inception, the Triennale will host in its headquarters the first joint exhibition curated from the Future Architecture Platform members’ collections.