IT’S ABOUT TIME: 10th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam


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The 10th edition of the Architecture Biennale Rotterdam will take place from 22 September to 13 November 2022 in Rotterdam’s western harbor area. The exhibition IT’S ABOUT TIME, curated by Derk Loorbach, Véronique Patteeuw, Léa-Catherine Szacka, and Peter Veenstra in collaboration with Theodora Gelali, will be presented at the Ferro, an imposing former gas storage facility.

In the nearby Keilepand, the exhibition FUTURE GENERATION, under the artistic direction of curators Hanna Prinssen and Lindsey van de Wetering and in collaboration with Maria Christopoulou, will show a selection of graduation projects by students from the Netherlands and Belgium.


The two exhibitions will also include dialogue, knowledge gathering, and experimentation and offer an extensive program of tours, lectures, debates, and workshops for children and young people. A transition arena will host working sessions attended by, among others, designers involved in ongoing research on the transformation of cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Different views on the future of the Netherlands will converge and be discussed here. 



The title IT’S ABOUT TIME alludes to the increasing pressure of time: if we are to counteract the consequences of climate change, we must act quickly! The title also focuses on time and speed as crucial factors in the working processes of architecture and spatial design. This way, the Architecture Biennale Rotterdam draws attention to social themes: IT’S ABOUT TIME calls on the profession to work effectively on pressing socioecological issues.



The exhibition features work by 2001; 2050+; 51N4E; AgwA; Anupama Kundoo; AREP; Atelier Julien Boidot and Jean Souviron; Bart Feberwee, Ecem Sarıçayır, and Hacer Bozkurt; BC Architects, Assemble and LUMA Arles; Bêka & Lemoine; Bureau Bas Smets; Encore Heureux Architectes; Rebellion; Flux Landscape Architecture; Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory (FAST) / Malkit Shoshan; Incursiones; Irene Feria Prados, Frieder Vogler, and Rik de Brouwer; Janna Bystrykh; Jo Taillieu Architecten; Kraaijvanger Architects; LIST / Ido Avissar; MLA+; Philippe Rizzotti Architecte, ETH Zürich, and Pavillon de l’Arsenal; Monadnock; MVRDV NEXT; noAarchitecten; Office for Political Innovation / Andrés Jaque with Miguel Mesa del Castillo; OOZE Architects & Urbanists; Openfabric / Francesco Garofalo; ORG Permanent Modernity; Paola Viganò, Elena Cogato Lanza, and Tommaso Pietropolli; Richard Weller; Rotor and RotorDC; SJG / Joost Grootens; Space & Matter and Common City Development; Studio Marco Vermeulen / Marco Vermeulen; Studio Ossidiana and Embassy of the North Sea; Superuse Studios; Turenscape / Kongjian Yu; Werkstatt; and many others. 



Prof Dr Derk Loorbach, Professor of Socioeconomic Transitions, director of DRIFT, and principal investigator of the Design, Impact, Transition (DIT) platform at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dr Ir Véronique Patteeuw, lecturer at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et du Paysage Lille, guest lecturer at KU Leuven and EPFL Lausanne, and scientific editor of OASE

PASZA Platform for Architectural Research, cofounded by Dr Léa-Catherine Szacka, senior lecturer Architecture Studies at the University of Manchester and visiting lecturer at the Berlage, Delft University of Technology and ETH Zurich

Peter Veenstra, cofounder of LOLA Landscape Architects(with Cees van der Veeken and Eric-Jan Pleijster)




The design strength of architecture is essential for tackling the major challenges of our time, including the energy transition, water management, and climate adaptive building. The Architecture Biennale Rotterdam aims to contribute to the transition to a sustainable future by connecting parties to the spatial design transition agenda, positioning the spatial design discipline, bringing the strength of design and parties together to address spatial issues, and by inspiring and offering action perspectives by imagining promising solutions.