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Going Up:

The structural engineers over at Hyder Consulting have announced that they are planning what will be, by an overwhelming margin, the world’s tallest skyscraper, coming in at double the height of the Burj Dubai –or very nearly one vertical mile. The firm has «confirmed that the tower would be located in the Middle East region,» we’re told, «but would not give any further details.» So is it just a media stunt?

I decided, nonetheless, to alter an old BBC diagram about the world’s tallest buildings to give myself a sense of what this might mean, size-wise; the results appear above. I have to assume that the building’s actual profile will not resemble what I’ve created… but you never know.
Note the comparative size of the Empire State Building.

(News item spotted on Archinect –where we’re reminded of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Mile High Illinois project).

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