Procoms Juan freire


hace unos dí­as leyendo a WMMNA me enteré de que el medialab ha colgado esta interesantí­sima charla de juan freire, acerca de los comunes. (en la que tuve la suerte de estar, con la propia regine por cierto)
Juan hizo una especial sección al final de la charla que tiene que ver con los espacios públicos que no tiene perdida.
Regine gave herself to the almost-heroic duty of review and comment the whole talk for our english speakers, (plus she put on a lot of pictures and links to the references that juan was talking about. Making this document a real jewel for spanish and english speakers equally, due to the huge amount of information and crossreference links.
So you can check the talk and at the same time can have it commented by Reg and have the links handy to explore yourself further.

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