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La revista de urbanismo MONU me ha enviado un ejemplar para sortear entre los lectores de, el método es el tradicional: deja un comentario y un email de contacto y el próximo sábado seleccionará al ganador.

En el número 11 Clean Urbanism participan:

Sci-fi Greenery …or just Responsibility? By Samo Pedersen. ”¨Clean Cities – Dirty People By Matteo Muggianu. ”¨Dirty Consumerism By Nikonus Pappas. ”¨Coming Clean By Randall Teal ”¨Domes over Manhattan – Interview with Gerd Hauser By Bernd Upmeyer ”¨Rendering the Clean By Nathalie Frankowski and Cruz Garcia (WAI) ”¨The Mobile Library Unit By John Southern ”¨Where the Grass Is Greener By Tomorrow’sThoughtsToday ”¨Clean around the Edges By Lee Altman ”¨Bio – Port By Greg Keeffe and Simon Swietochowski ”¨Zeekracht – The North Sea Masterplan By OMA ”¨Scarcity: Bipolar Urbanism in the Sonoran Desert By Felipe Correa. ”¨Regenerative Ecologies By Claudio Astudillo Barra. ”¨Clean Energy is Dirty Business By Aleksander Tokarz.”¨Dystopic Verdure By Jacob Ross Boswell. ”¨How to Win Poetic Praise and Influence Architects By Amanda Webb”¨The Cooperative City By Rogier van den Berg ”¨Mania By Bryan Norwood and the Jackson Community Design Center


Do we simply have to stop having sex to produce Clean Urbanism – i.e. an urbanism that is dedicated to minimizing both the required inputs of energy, water, and food for a city as well as its waste output of heat, air pollution as CO2, methan, and water pollution, Samo Pedersen asks in his piece “Sci-fi greenery..or just Responsibility?”. In fact Randall Teal sees the growing world population frequently ignored in discussions on sustainability, as he points out in his article “Coming Clean: Owning Up to the Real Demands of a Sustainable Existence.”. Fewer people spend less energy, and as the gas and oil supply will come to an end sooner or later, saving energy may be a cheaper and smarter solution for cities than depending on renewable energies, as Gerd Hauser, one of the leading researchers on the implementation of the EU Directive on «Energy Performance of Buildings», explains in an interview with us, entitled “Domes over Manhatten”. Although sustainability has recently become a cache misí¨re for our lack of intent, a trendy make-up hiding our incompetence, with Clean Urbanism being its apotheosis as Nathalie Frankowski and Cruz Garcia (WAI) maintain in their contribution “Rendering the Clean”, energy self-sufficient cities are technically possible as Gerd Hauser states and explains using a five-point manifesto. Greg Keeffe and Simon Swietochowski support that view by introducing their “Bio-Port” project, a vision of a “Free Energy City” set in Liverpool, where the old dockyards have been transformed into bio-productive algae farms. Furthermore, the Office of Metropolitan Architecture illustrates in its project “Zeekracht –The North Sea Masterplan” how wind farms could be clustered along an Energy Super-Ring in the North Sea, distributing national surpluses and supplying regional energy needs efficiently and profitably. On the other hand, Clean Urbanism cannot only be understood from a purely technocratic perspective, but also needs a social one as Claudio Astudillo Barra articulates in his article “Regenerative Ecologies –A Prototypical Approach to the Territory”, introducing Felix Guattari’s ideas of ecosophy. On such social aspects Rogier van den Berg focuses in his piece on “The Cooperative City”, where a community is created that triggers individual initiative and the cooperation of its users to generate collective values. The Cooperative City requires a flexible plan with an open end that is only guided by one set of rules, described by Bryan Norwood and the Jackson Community Center as “Mania: An Emergent Sustainability of Density and Intensity”, created by the disorganized, hyperactivity of an actualized system with no specified, singular goal, a bottom-up phenomenon that emerges from the individual events of architecture within the city, combined with the ideology of urbanism conceived as anti-capitalism and anti-homogenization. It is mania, and mania is clean.

171 thoughts on “Sorteo – MONU

  1. Zuhaitz

    No conozco la revista así­ que a ver si tengo suerte y me toca.

  2. pepearquitecto

    Do we simply have to produce more sex & urbanism – to minimize stupidless – that produces directly less CO2.

  3. Miguel íngel Pérez

    … como de costumbre le dije a mi madre que pusiera un par de velas, haber si hay suerte. Es lo que solí­a hacer ella cuando tení­a un exámen en mis tiempos de universidad…. ilusa¡¡¡

  4. lonenol

    “It’s just stupid to think of planning a static city that will be the same for the next 200 years. Everything is going faster these days.”
    Klaus Overmeyer, 2009

  5. carpinglez

    la quiero, la quiero…

    edgar dice: me la quitan de las manos, que me la quitan de las manos…¡¡¡

  6. Entre BK/&/NYC

    Antes habia que dar motivos,no???

    Pues…..xq yo lo valgo!

  7. alberto

    ¡Oh, Edgar!
    Incluso en verano nos preparas sorpresas tan agradables como esta…

  8. javi

    «La televisión ha hecho maravillas por mi cultura. En cuanto alguien enciende la televisión, voy a la biblioteca y me leo un buen libro»
    (Groucho Marx)

  9. juan madrigueras

    Solo hay una forma de saber si un hombre es honesto: preguntárselo. Y si responde «sí­», sabes que es un corrupto
    (Groucho Marx)

  10. vagamundo


  11. solbaina

    «Venceréis porque tenéis la fuerza; pero no convenceréis, porque no tenéis la razón». Miguel de Unamuno

  12. conxa

    nunca me toca nada…
    pero para ganar argo, esta claro que hay que participar

  13. [ rq ]

    porque leo este blog desde que edgar nos llevaba el propio «blog» de la escuela…

  14. annick labeca

    After reading the editorial, i can say this issue #11 sounds interesting. I lust waiting for 2 or 3 weeks before finding monu in my favorite bookshop. Waiting is sometime great

  15. Tamara Kocan

    Wished we got selected for this issue, but really looking forward to reading it when its in my bookshop and try for next issue!

  16. Alexander Schí¶ffel

    just came back from johannesburg. there is a high potential for urbanists and architects. i am looking forward to work there next year.
    best wishes from berlin

  17. Maier Yagod

    Looks very interesting. I have not yet read the articles, but the topics seem relevant to our current situation.

  18. Akemi

    clean urbanism? seems like the best sarcastic guide for living at my caothic nearly surrealistic city

  19. Emilio Garcí­a

    I couldn´t present my essay on time about this topic. It looks really interesting.

  20. aurel

    MONU this time find solutions for today architecture and urbanism close to my interest, the eco-friendly environment for all! best for ALL!

  21. J.

    This magazine is awesome!
    I’m looking forward the 11# issue, could be nice to win it! Let’s wait and see…

  22. Adrian Aguirre

    To appear,
    I must dissapear,
    to write,
    I must commit the acts that exhile me in order to emphasize the contrast between the reader and the artist.
    I want to exist.
    I want to dissolve into nothingness.
    I can only exist by being other.
    The same tension between appearance and dissapearance is enigmatic, the sustainability walls separate from the world and it’s center; a sustainable building is utopia.
    The human activity has become the conceptualization of the new immanent landscape.
    A new entertainment system.

  23. kai liu

    I think this is going to be a fairly interesting issue. Look forward to checking it out.

  24. rodberat

    If the rest of the magazine is the same as this short text above, we all can hope that there is a new daidalos.
    Thanks and do more.


    pues no he leido nada de esta revista…parece buena y si me toca os lo confirmo.. 🙂

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