iPad Stand

The plot was to make the lightest, slimmer, and with the minimum lego pieces iPad stand. And the result is this one. Made with just 11 pieces of lego, and foldable.201005101453.jpg

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the original design was 13 pieces, but i manage to take out the gray stoppers and use the rod that sustains the top weel as the stopper for the folding legs.P1030253.JPG P1030254.JPGP1030255.JPGP1030256.JPGP1030257.JPGP1030258.JPGP1030259.JPGP1030260.JPGP1030261.JPG         

36 thoughts on “iPad Stand

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  12. R. Cristi

    That is very imaginative for something so small. Good job. Let me know of any more ideas stowing the Ipad.

    R. Cristi
    Author of Blonde Joke book!

  13. MikeMike

    <The plot was to make the lightest, slimmer, and with the minimum lego pieces iPad stand. And the result is this one. Made with just 11 pieces of lego, and foldable.>IF that lego set is anything like when I grew up it needs at least 59 pieces or its a gonna tumble.
    Malibu real estate blog

  14. Jon

    Wow, excellent idea. I'm going to go home and give my kids a few lego projects to work on tonight now!

    First I need a cellphone stand, then perhaps a desk tidy …. 😉

    Jon , Social Media Guy

  15. Anthony Parker

    That is so cool. Combining two of my favorite things, the Ipad and my childhood love of legos. Now that is being innovative! Yes I see adults stealing there kids legos to make one of these stands.

    Anthony Parker
    Aurora, CO
    My Blog: cherokee scrubs

  16. Ben Stoves

    Wow this looks really cool. Is there any chance that Christmas will be celebrated earlier this year? My birthday is only for next February 🙁

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  18. sabina

    This is what i was looking for. Thanks for the information,i will be looking forward to look for this stuff in our place. And buy one for myself 🙂 ..

  19. Sebastian

    I absolutely love this! Such a great idea!

    You don’t have list of all the needed parts by any chance? I went to a LEGO store the other day and showed them your creation but that guy couldn’t tell me what pieces I would need.

    Can you tell me? That would be great!

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