International Conference Biodigital Architecture & Genetics [BCN]

30/05 > 03/06/2011

Immaculada 22 (Barcelona)

Del 1 al 3 de junio tendrá lugar en la ESARQ un ciclo de conferencias entorno al tema de la Arquitectura Biodigital, y los días previos se realizará un taller entorno al tema (30/05 y 1/06/2011). La inscripción es gratuita pero el aforo limitado. Para apuntarte aquí: registration form y ver el programa completo a continuación.

Monday-Wednesday, 30th – May – 1st June (WORKSHOP)
Biodigital Architecture Workshop (Workshop Directors: Alessio Erioli, Aref Maksoud, Alejandro Muiño)

18:00 h. Registration for participants and speakers
18:30 h. Welcome Notes and Introduction to the Conference
– Pere Alavedra, UIC Rector / Frederic Marimón, UIC Vice-Rector for Research
– Vicente Sarrablo, ESARQ (UIC) Dean / Judith Urbano, ESARQ (UIC) Vice-Dean for Academics
– Alberto T. Estévez, Conference Chair, Biodigital Architecture and Genetics
– Mauro Costa, 1st Doctor of the Genetic Architectures Ph.D. Program, Biological analogies in architecture and design
20:00 h. Dinner and gifts for speakers

10:00 h. RESEARCH: Intro Biodigital Research, Alberto T. Estévez / Aranzazu Balfagón / Agustí Fontarnau
– Alessio Erioli, Intensive aesthetics
– David Anton, Genobits: Processes’ reactions in architecture of systems
– Elif Erdogan, Fusion of computation and genetics in design
– Pablo Baquero,New strategies on biodigital design
11:15 h. Coffee break
11:45 h. RESEARCH & roundtable discussion:
– Mireia Luzárraga, Form, energy and performance
– Alejandro Muiño, Natural process
– Sergio Hidalgo, Bio-logic and nature’s geometry in architecture
– Ricardo Muñoz, Vertical zoology
13:00 h. Lunch
15:00 h. TEACHING: Intro Biodigital Teaching, Alberto T. Estévez / Alejandro Muiño / Judith Urbano
– Aref Maksoud, Genetic architecture visualization “Biodigital architecture Middle East Experience/Experiment”
– Julian Ardila, Possible imaginary worlds
– Lamila Simisic, Architecture of the clash
– Christian Raun (partner in ADAPA), Fabricating freeform architecture
16:15 h. Coffee break
16:45 h. TEACHING & roundtable discussion:
– Antonio Vacca, Optimization in nature and design
– Diego Cuevas, Fabricating the biodigital
– Juan Cardenal, Emergent processes for advanced architecture
– “Alfa 301”, Molding the algorithm

10:00 h. PROFESSION: Intro Biodigital Profession, Alberto T. Estévez / Diego Navarro / Daniel Wunsch
– Arne Riekstins, Animation Methods in Urban Planning
– Egoitz Conte, Procedural imagination
– Fernando Paredes, Diseño natural
11:30 h. Coffee break
12:00 h. PROFESSION & roundtable discussion:
– José Pedro Sousa, Experiences like researcher, teacher and professional in biodigital architecture
– Gonçalo Henriques, Cross-references: Nature/Science/Technology
13:30 h. End Keynote Research’s Lecture:
– Rosa Cervera & Javier Pioz, Towards a bionic reality
14:30 h. Lunch
15:45 h. End Keynote Profession’s Lecture:
– Rosa Cervera & Javier Pioz, The Bionic Tower
16:45 h. End (certificates delivering to participants)

Saturday, 4th June (VISIT)
10:00 h./12:30 h. Visit to the Sagrada Familia of Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona

Sunday, 5 th June (ACTIVITIES)
12:00 h., UIC’s Campus, Biodiversity actions, symbolic trees’ plantations & Mediterranean diet aperitif
(5th June: Environmental World’s day / 2011: Forests World’s year)