Rem Koolhaas in TIME Magazine | 60 Years of Heroes

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Rem Koolhaas ha sido seleccionado por la revista TIME en su como uno de los heroes de los ultimos 60 años, comparte el titulo en la seccion de negocios y cultura con:

The Beatles, Rem Koolhaas, Galina Ulanova,Paul Bocuse, Pablo Picasso,,Enzo Ferrari, Francis Bacon,Barbara Hulanicki & Mary Quant,Maria Callas, Rainer Werner Fassbinder,Naguib Mahfouz, J.K. Rowling,John Lydon, Henry Moore,Sophia Loren, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti,Coco Chanel, Samuel Beckett,Nadine Gordimer, François Truffaut,Chinua Achebe

Koolhaas is listed among notables such as Nelson Mandela, The Beatles, Samuel Beckett and Mother Teresa and attributed for being an ‘urban visionary [who] spotted a wealth of potential in our congested cities.’

The TIMES list names over 60 prominent people in the categories of business and culture and those regarded as inspirations and explorers, rebels and leaders.

In the article, Koolhaas/OMA projects such as the Seattle Central Library and the China Central Television Headquarters in Beijing, currently under construction, are praised as being a ‘thorough rethinking not simply of what a building can look like but what it can be, how we can use it’.

Rem Koolhaas | TIME Europe Magazine | 60 Years of Heroes:

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