Toilet Lid Sink

toiletsink2.jpg este ingenioso gadget, podria ser una interesante solucion al desperdicio de agua que representa el tirar de la cadena, al lavarte las manos ese agua se acumula para el siguiente uso, ademas de ahorrar espacio. Toilet Lid Sink:

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  1. Rafael Sosa

    Curiosidades: un dispositivo versátil para ahorrar agua el hogar, de fácil estalación sin herramienta, como tener un guardián continuo para el agua, es manual, automático, inteligente sin electricidad, baterí­a, o partes electrónicas 17 abril 2006


    I say Yoshiaki Masuno building a senior citizen / a handicapped person house in Japanese Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa. Devise a thing named "the rotary toilet stool" five years ago, and is vague then; there "was an opportunity to be able to be built, and produced a turn toilet stool by oneself, and as a result of having installed it in the house, was pleased with a by chance house for senior citizens very much on this occasion when the physically handicapped would be convenient, and thought if there was such a thing".
    I suffered from cerebral infarction and experienced the necessity of the rotary toilet stool afterwards.  
    A wheelchair had evaluation that it was convenient at all from the person who lived a life when I let a day service center fielder of Tokyo install it and would do it.
    I produced the electric expression. There is the necessary one in an electric expression, too. Even if a wheelchair dweller is worst, 4,000,000 people seem to enter only in Japan. The rotary toilet stool is usable by how to use in the various places.
    It is the thing which is very convenient for a senior citizen / a handicapped person / the wheelchair restroom.
    The user of the wheelchair has a right-handed left-handed person.
    Correspondence hears that a toilet stool turns in both.
    It is stopped at the position that it is easy to use.
    This time I sell a rotary toilet stool.
    Do not you sell it by all means in your company?
    I send a photograph if interested.

    I wait for an email.
    Thanking you in advance.

     Yoshiaki Masuno

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